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Self Registration Settings

These settings are defined in the Administration area and once configured should not be changed.

Self Registration settings

  •        Use self registration – If this is set to No, the link will not appear on the Login screen.
  •        Style of username - This can be set to match the login process, it can either be an email address, payroll number, first name or last name.
  •        The username text is a box you can edit which will be displayed to the new user for help.

Self Registration settings (2)

  •        The security key can be generated and given out to new users, they would then have to enter this as part of the self registration process as an added level of security for you. This is optional, as all users have to be approved anyway it may not be necessary.
  •        The template user is area which will assign all the cost centres, basic access levels and expense codes to the claimant on setup.
  •        This will ask the claimant for their home address for mileage claims.
  •        This will ask the new claimant for a work location to be selected from the drop down for mileage claims.

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